Instructions for Hermitage Plant Science Competition 2017

The instructions for the Hermitage Research Facility Schools Plant Science Competition have been released this afternoon!

This PDF contains the full instructions, while further information about writing a scientific report is available here. Also provided are printable cards for the Day in the Life of Soils game, along with instructions.

As always, there are 2 parts to the competition: the Plant Science Project Awards, and Art in Agriculture Awards. You can complete either one or both.

The mandatory tasks for the experiments are:

  1. Pre-designed soils experiment (scientific report) – What type of soils do plants like?
  2. Design your own soil experiment(s) (scientific poster)
  3. Global soils study (poster, video or powerpoint; mandatory for years 7-12) – The global importance of soils, their threats, and strategies to combat these threats

Keep in mind that experiments that involve growing plants will take at least 6 weeks. Further details are available in the instructions PDF. Some of my ideas for experiments to do will be posted soon, so keep an eye on the posts with the Hermitage tag.

The competition closes at the end of term 2 (23/6/17).


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