Science Competitions

Entering a science competition is a great way to gain new knowledge and skills, and you could even win a prize! My top recommendations for Queensland students are listed below:

  1. Hermitage Research Facility Schools Plant Science Competition – This competition, run by the DAF Hermitage Research Facility in Warwick, is a fantastic first competition, and is open to students from P to 12 from all across Australia. Instructions for the experiments are provided, and the required materials are easy to source. Even better, there is a wide range of prizes for all ages, from tertiary scholarships to digital microscopes. The competition opens at the start of the school year, and closes at the end of term 2. Highly recommended for anyone interested in science.
  2. Queensland Science Contest – This prestigious Queensland wide competition is also open to all students from P to 12, and offers over $6000 in prizes. It closes around October each year, and there is a $5 entry fee.
  3. UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing – Write an 800 word essay on a science topic. It was open from April to August in 2016.
  4. UQ Sunflower Competition – High school students compete to try and grow the largest sunflower in the state. The sunflowers must be weighed at UQ to enter the competition; however students from grades 7 to 10 can enter their reflective journal without attending the weigh-in day.
  5. Strange Nature – Write 1000 words inspired by the following: “Identify a current biological, environmental, or medical issue and discuss a genetically modified organism that might provide solutions”. Open to all Australian school students. Closes around October each year.
  6. The Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize – Create a video that communicates a scientific concept in an accessible and entertaining way. There are some truly amazing videos entered in past years.
  7. Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize – Interested in our waterways? Undertake a water-related research project focused on solving community water problems, and you could win a trip to Stockholm to present your research! Open to high school students. This competition closes in February or March each year.

More competitions are listed on Aussie Educator and the Science Teachers Association of Queensland website.


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