Citizen Science in CQ

Assisting in a citizen science project is a great way to participate in scientific research.

There are several opportunities for citizen scientists in Central Queensland, including:

  1. Fitzroy Partnership for River Health – upload data about your local creeks and see how healthy it is.
  2. Birdlife Capricornia – join the annual Backyard Bird Count or Challenge Count.

In addition, there are thousands of projects that you can assist online, where ever you are. Some of the best that I have found are:

  1. Atlas of Living Australia – upload your sightings and contribute to a nationwide wealth of knowledge.
  2. Digivol – Transcribe specimen labels to make them available to researchers and the general public.
  3. Zooniverse – one of the most successful citizen science projects, with over one million contributors.

This Wikipedia page has a much longer list, if you are interested. SciStarter is another website which lists over 1,000 projects worldwide.


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